ImmuSTRIP® is an ELISA method immunoassay laboratory test kit used to detect Human Anti-Murine Antibodies (HAMA). Using this kit, clinicians can determine if their patients have preexisting HAMA or have developed HAMA due to recent treatments with murine monoclonal antibodies. ImmuSTRIP® is a simple–to–use test kit that provides results in as little as one hour and is available for use by reference laboratories.

New therapeutic murine monoclonal antibody products (MAbs) and human-murine chimeric MAbs are being approved and gaining widespread clinical use. These products of modern science are revolutionizing the clinical management of many patients who had few option before the advent of MAbs. However, the murine component of these products can sometimes lead to the development of Human Anti-Murine Antibodies (HAMA).

The presence of HAMA in serum can pose a potential problem for clinicians and laboratories. HAMA can lead to misleading results with sandwich-type immunoassays such as hCG and tumor markers such as CEA and PSA. There are also potential patient care and safety concerns since the presence of HAMA poses concerns for possible infusion reactions on subsequent treatments. There is also the potential for HAMA to interfere with targeting by monoclonal antibodies.

Screening for HAMA may even be warranted in patients who have never received MAbs. Some patients may have endogenous HAMA that can result in the formation of immune complexes on the first injection of murine MAbs.

To determine the presence of HAMA, Immunomedics is pleased to introduce ImmuSTRIP®, an FDA approved HAMA immunoassay test kit. With ImmuSTRIP® you can help clinicians determine if their patients have preexisting HAMA or have developed HAMA due to recent treatments with MAbs.

ImmuSTRIP® is available for immediate shipment. For pricing, ordering information and technical support, for ImmuSTRIP®, call (800)327-7211 extension 147 or use the convenient e-form to the right.


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ImmuSTRIP® HAMA Test Kit

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