LeukoScan® (sulesomab) is a murine monoclonal IgG antibody Fab’ fragment labeled with the isotope technetium-99m. The fragment targets NCA-90, found on the cell membrane of granulocytes (a type of white blood cell). Using a gamma camera, LeukoScan® can be used to detect osteomyelitis (a bone infection). LeukoScan® is not available in North America, but it has European-wide registration and it is also approved in Australia. (More)

ImmuSTRIP® is an ELISA method immunoassay laboratory test kit used to detect Human Anti-Murine Antibodies (HAMA). Using this kit, clinicians can determine if their patients have preexisting HAMA or have developed HAMA due to recent treatments with murine monoclonal antibodies. ImmuSTRIP® is a simple to use test kit that provides results in as little as one hour and is available for use by reference laboratories. (More)