We’re taking on some of the most daunting challenges in cancer treatment. Our scientists and clinicians are dedicated to creating and delivering breakthrough therapies using cutting-edge tools and techniques, including our unique and highly differentiated antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology.

Our approach attaches active anti-cancer drugs to our suite of antibodies to deliver therapeutic agents to tumor sites with better specificity than conventional chemotherapy.

This treatment method is designed to optimize the therapeutic window and reduce an individual’s systemic exposure to the therapeutic agent. This combination thereby minimizes any debilitating side effects, while maximizing the concentration of the therapeutic agent at the tumor and potentially leads to better efficacy.

Therapeutic Targets

Our current portfolio of marketed and investigational antibody-drug conjugate therapies are designed to deliver a potent toxin directly to tumors that have one of these three markers: Trop-2, CEACAM-5 and HLA-DR.

Trop-2 cancer marker

Trop-2 is an attractive target for antibody-directed therapy because it is widely found on many solid cancers, with limited expression on normal tissues. In addition, Trop-2 has been shown to internalize rapidly into the cancer cells once it is bound by an antibody, making it a suitable candidate for the delivery of cytotoxic drugs.

CEACAM5 cancer marker

CEACAM5 is a protein found on many solid cancers, including cancers of the colon and rectum, pancreas, stomach, breast, lung, thyroid and ovary, but is weakly expressed in healthy tissues, making it a compelling target for antibody-directed therapy.

HLA-DR cancer marker

HLA-DR is a receptor located on a cell surface whose role is to present foreign objects to the immune system for the purpose of eliciting an immune response. Increased presence of HLA-DR in hematologic cancers has made it a prime target for antibody-based therapy.

Antibody-Drug Conjugate Platform

Our unique antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform is a game-changing development in the field of antibody-directed therapies.

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and blood cancers

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