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Immunomedics combines deep expertise with cutting-edge research technology to identify transformational improvements in the treatment of cancer. We are committed to sharing the discoveries of our clinical research programs and providing opportunities to our colleagues to participate in research.

medical science Liaisons

Medical Science Liaisons


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Diverse registration-oriented and signal-seeking investigator-initiated trials to explore effectiveness of TRODELVY

Indication Designation Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Sponsor
HER2 - BC (post-neoadjuvant) SASCIA
German Breast Group
mTNBC, PD-L1 - (1L) (+Keytruda)  
Dana Farber
Cancer Institute
HR+ / HER2 - mBC, PD-L1+
Dana Farber
Cancer Institute
TNBC (neoadjuvant) NeoSTAR
Massachusetts General Hospital
mTNBC (2L) (+Talzenna)  
Massachusetts General Hospital
Endometrial Cancer (persistent or recurrent)  
Yale University
Metastatic Prostate Cancer (2L)  
University of Wisconsin and PCCTC
Breast Brain Metastasis and Glioblastoma  
University of Texas Health at San Antonio

Independent Grants Program

The Immunomedics independent grant program (IGP) will fund initiatives that educate Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), improve patient care, promote disease awareness, advance medical practice, and benefit public health. We support independent initiatives in areas of unmet medical need that are aligned with the Immunomedics corporate objectives and therapeutic areas of focus.

What types of grants does Immunomedics fund?

Immunomedics provides grant funding for Independent Education (accredited and non-accredited), Quality Improvement Initiatives, Investigator Initiated Research, Competitive Responses to Requests for Funding, and Charitable Contributions to non-profit organizations in support of patient education and/or patient advocacy for disease awareness.

Immunomedics does not provide funding for:

Requests for programs, events, or research that have already occurred

  • Requests for funding provided directly to an individual, individual HCPs or HCP-practice groups, pharmacy benefit managers, or companies owned by an HCP or the spouse of an HCP
  • Requests for funding if the Grant would be used in any way to defray a recipient’s ordinary operating expenses (i.e., expenses of activities that the recipient is already required to perform or customarily performs), or otherwise provide “start-up” costs or capital support
  • Requests for funding duplicative research, unless few studies exist or if study results conflict or change based on the particular population in which the study was conducted
  • Requests for funding from any requestor who has been debarred, disqualified or otherwise restricted from conducting research or excluded from participation in federal health care programs
  • Requests for funding from any requestor who, to Immunomedics’ knowledge, in the past conducted research projects or organized programs or initiatives that were biased, not scientifically rigorous, or substandard in other respects
  • Requests to purchase equipment or other items or services for an HCP or customer
  • Requests for free product for use in clinical or user preference trials designed with the purpose of “seeding” or inducing physicians to use a particular product
  • Requests that are otherwise deemed ineligible by this or any other Immunomedics policy or procedure
Who decides if my grant will be funded?

Immunomedics has an internal Independent Grant Program Committee responsible for reviewing and rewarding grants for bona fide educational, research or charitable purposes that are aligned with Immunomedics’ overarching scientific, educational and medical development objectives.

Other considerations include:

Whether the amount requested is reasonable and justified

  • Whether the requesting entity or individual is a recognized authority in the field or possesses the appropriate amount of expertise, such that the exchange of information and/or intended outcome will be recognized as valued and respected
  • Whether the Grant is designed or intended to induce or reward an HCP or HCO for using, ordering or recommending Immunomedics products
  • Whether the requestor or Immunomedics Personnel attempted to link the provision of the Grant to past or future business (e.g., did the requestor indicate or suggest that the provision of Immunomedics support may increase future business with the requestor)
  • Whether the Grant will be used appropriately (e.g., not to fund travel costs of HCPs attending an event, etc.)
  • Whether support of the request is consistent with Immunomedics policies and guidelines, including guidelines for the payment of overhead costs and/or expenses in connection with bona fide clinical research and studies
  • Whether the sum of other research, programs or initiatives related to the requesting HCP, HCO, or entity that Immunomedics currently funds or recently funded is reasonable
  • Whether the requestor has the necessary and appropriate administrative resources, regulatory and compliance competencies, available facilities, and skilled personnel to design and deliver the research or program
  • Whether the requested amount would constitute a significant portion of the budget of the organization which may in turn have the potential for the organization's activities be attributable to Immunomedics, or have the organization come to rely on the funding to an extent that may compromise its independence
Will Immunomedics help me design and implement my grant?

Requestors will be responsible for the design, implementation, sponsorship, and conduct of any initiative supported by the Immunomedics Grants Program, including compliance with any regulatory requirements.

How do I find out what the submission requirements are for grant applications?

Please contact us at A Grants Committee representative will guide you through the application process and requirements.

When should I submit my grant?
If your activity is in… Latest date to submit to grants@immunomedics is...
December 2020 October 15, 2020
January, February or March 2021 November 15, 2020
April, May or June 2021 February 15, 2021
July, August or September 2021 April 15, 2021
October, November or December 2021 July 15, 2021
How will I know if you received my grant request?

A Grants Committee representative will confirm receipt of required submission materials by email directly to the contact listed on the application form.

How will I know if my grant is funded or not?

A Grants Committee representative will send notification of the funding decision by email directly to the contact listed on the application form.

If awarded, are grant payments disclosed publicly?

Any direct and indirect payments or other transfers of value (e.g., grants, charitable contributions, education, product, or facility fees) approved and disbursed to any physician or teaching hospital, or to a third party on behalf of a physician or teaching hospital will be tracked, categorized and reported in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.