Patent Portfolio

We have accumulated an extensive patent portfolio in the course of our research in the areas of Multivalent Bispecific Antibodies, F-18 Labeling, DOCK-AND-LOCK™, Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Antibody-Drug Conjugate Linker, and T-cell Redirecting Antibodies, which we believe constitutes a very valuable business asset.

The major patents highlighted in the chart below relate primarily to our therapeutic product candidates. Additional patents have been filed to extend the patent life on some of these products, but there can be no assurance that these will issue as filed.

Program & Product GroupDescription/Targeted AntigenPatent ExpirationMajor Jurisdictions
CD22 - Program – EpratuzumabUnlabeled Antibody CD222016 – 2023USA, Europe, Japan
CD20 Program – VeltuzumabUnlabeled Antibody CD202023 – 2029USA, Europe, Japan
CD74 Program – MilatuzumabUnlabeled Antibody CD742023 – 2024USA, Europe, Japan
Antibody-Drug Conjugate ProgramAntibody-SN-38 Conjugates2033USA, Europe, Japan
Subcutaneous FormulationAll Antibodies2032USA, Europe, Japan
DNLTM Program – TF2Bispecific Antibody CEACAM52026USA, Europe, Japan
F-18 Labelling TechnologyF-18 labeling of proteins and peptides for PET imaging2027 – 2028USA, Europe, Japan