Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy

Our Approach

At Immunomedics, we created an integrated Patient Advocacy and Patient Experience function that allows us to develop comprehensive and cohesive programs and services built around the needs of people living with and affected by cancer. Our goal is to always view the “whole person” and help support their “mind, body, and soul.”


Our work and our engagement are guided by the following core principles:

person We squarely center our work on supporting the patient journey in authentic ways that give voice and dignity to individuals
hands We seek to build transparent, long-term relationships with advocacy groups that serve the cancer community
peoples We are collaborative, as we recognize that we can collectively achieve more together than alone
test-tubes1 We respect the independence of advocacy groups and their vital role as champions for people with cancer
test-tubes We commit to continually listen and learn as we strive to transform the lives of people with cancer

We are inspired by the efforts of our advocacy partners and are thankful for their trust in us and our continued partnership. We always aim to bring original and thoughtful ideas and dialogue that contribute to our advocacy partners in a way that continually enriches the perspectives and lives of patients and their caregivers.